English · Poetry

Bag of Bones

It was somewhere far from home
Late at night in a city we don’t own
Through the glimpse of moonlight
I’ve seen what you hide
From then on I’ve realized
How long I’ve been blind
A character that came
straight out of a book
A bag of bones they say
But to that I say nay
You’re worth more than that
No word can be written
As to why I’m smitten
No song can be sung
To express all this longing
And this poetry of mine
is not worthy of you
I just hope you’d see me
in a different light too
For you are
My nightmare tinged with love
For you are
A wish that I may never have
For you are
My dream filled with pain
For you are
A day that’s never plain
I need a daily dose of you
For a day without you is painted blue


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