English · Poetry

Day 4 : Wonderland

There he was naive and free
Til he found a path
Beneath an oaken tree
As he wander he wondered
Where this path may lead
Will there be something
At it’s end which he needs
Then too his surprise
He found something peculiar
A thing unbeknownst to him
Never been familiar
He followed and followed
And to his surprise he saw
A kingdom of sorts no one ever saw
As he was nab by its guards
To be taken to the throne
A thought lingered in his head
In his walk to his end
“I have tread too deep in the rabbit hole
Only to be beheaded by the queen of hearts”

NaPoWriMo Prompts : write a poem with a secret – in other words, a poem with a word or idea or line that it isn’t expressing directly. 


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