Everything and Nothing


This is a confession. I don’t have the guts or the courage to tell it to you but you’re far more important to me than what I care to tell. It’s funny cause I’ve wrote something about fortune favouring brave people. But I don’t have that when it comes to you, it’s not that I can’t it’s because of the thought that I might lose you. And that frightens me more than any failure. I’m not sure if you’ve realized it by now but I do care for you, deeply. When I first met you I didn’t even look a second time your were just ordinary to my eyes. But then I got to know you, really got to know you, that’s when I realized how lucky I am to be close to someone like you. You are strong in so many ways, you’re talented, you’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re a good listener, you give good advices, and you’re funny and fun to be with. The world needs more of you. I could think of so many positive adjectives right now but all of them is not enough to describe how I feel whenever I see or just even talk to you. Looking back it dawned on me how stupid I was thinking that you’re ordinary. You are special, if the others don’t see it, then it sucks to be them cause for me you are vibrant I feel a hearth’s warmth radiating from you. I got all cheesy in this but every bit of it is true. I might not have the guts to tell you personally, I only have writing as my aide for I am a coward.

So if you’re reading this I’m sure you’ll know that it’s you. Some actions of mine in the past that have puzzled you might be answered by this. I don’t know and I’m not sure if things might be the same. Now that the cat’s out of the bag I don’t know what’s next.

All I know is that my heart is with you wherever you may be and I’ll pause until it comes back to me.

-Confessions of a Coward

Via Daily Prompts : Pause


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