English · Poetry

Day 3 : Mama

You were my light
You guided my path
You shared my joys,my glories
my tears, my fears

But best of all
You gave me life
You’ve showed me what it was
To be loved and cared

There are multitude of things
I’ve wanted most to say
My gratitude is yours
Til my end of days

How I wish that you were here
To see how we are
How blissful it would be
To have you here with me

But time is fleeting
Just as they say
Counted were the days
That you’re meant to stay

For death is primordial
And as old as time
And we’re just passing clouds
on oblivion’s mind

And what’s only left
Is for us to accept
That you’re gone now
And life goes on

Since the world wont stop
For a man in his sorrow
Time will continue, days would end
The sun will shine, the moon rise

And before this ends
A million thanks
And as I bid this goodbye
I’ll see you on the next life

We will see each other again
But not yet
Not yet

NaPoWriMo Prompts : Write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by


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