Everything and Nothing


“Fortune favours the brave”

I’ve always loved that quotation since for me it is a universal truth. I mean how can you get and or achieve something without doing anything. And how can you do something if you lack the courage to push you through. I guess the difference between the successful and the contrary is bravery. There are people who don’t let failure dishearten them and in going through that crucible they harden like tempered steel. Their resilience made them worthy of what awaits.

The quest of finding fortune is a very hard one. It takes a lot of bravery to face countless heartaches, failures and mishaps. For in the face of aridity our braver selves emerge and only then that fortune yield its rewards. I dare say that Fortuna is just around the corner waiting for yet another mortal brave enough to deserve her.

Viaย Daily Prompts : Fortune


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