Everything and Nothing

Turning Back The Clock

So there he was lying in bed thinking about what it could’ve been, but that was a far away dream now, this is his reality. He knows deep down that it was all his choices that led here. No one could’ve gotten such rotten luck like he has, but those were the cards that were dealt and to regain what’s lost the only way is forward. Fear is what keeps him going for nothing will happen if he does nothing, but he also fears that at the end of this, failure is what awaits. The poorman is torned, and scared of what is not known. He has always been. For so many times he messed things up both unintentionally and intentionally. But in all of those mistakes and mishaps, it all goes down to a number of things that he could truly not forget. Those decisions have made his life a living hell if you’d still call it living. For what was done was beyond reprieve and it is not known if there’s still something left in this battered soul. So as he close his eyes waiting for a better morrow, he uttered a simple prayer if anyone still cared to hear his. And asked an impossibility in his desperation. He would give anything to turn back the clock five times.

To overcome writer’s block I scoured the net for something to write. In my desperation I found this blog giving pointers on what things one can write about. There were many options but this one piqued my interest for it suggests to write only a paragraph but it should end with what’s in the last sentence above. So that there was my take on it, truthfully it wasn’t my best but it’s what I came up with this time. And here’s to hoping you’ll like it.


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