Filipino · Poetry

Senza Fine / Finito

Ang araw ay sumisikat sa silangan
Upang sa kanluran, ika’y mahagkan
Gaya ng lilim na dulot ng punong kahoy,
Kanlunga’y sayo’y naramdaman
Mga pusong nagmamahalan
Kasabay ng mga ibong nagsisi-awitan
Kagaya ng pag agos ng tubi sa ilog
Pag ibig sayo’y kailanma’y hindi

Ngunit sa panaginip ako’y naalimpungatan
Pagasang mahagkan ka’y sa isipan lamang
Mga punong inaakalang kanlunga’y
Isang disyertong walang laman
Mga pusong sana’y sa isa’t isa
Ay imahinasyon lamang
Gaya ng isang patay na ilog
Ako’y natuyuan, nagsawa at napagod
Ipinasok sa isipan na ang inaakalang pagibig
Ay dapat ng wakasan


The sun rises in the east
In hopes of sealing a kiss from you
as it sets in the west
Just like the shade that trees provide
I felt secure by your side
With our hearts full of love
Birds sing their merry tune
Just like the perennial flow of a river
This feelings for you will never meet it’s

But in my dreams I woke
Those kisses I dream of, I can only hope
Those trees that felt shelter
Is just an empty dessert
Our hearts the seemed meant for each other
Only a result of my sweet imaginings
Just like a barren river
I withered and got tired
Instilled in my mind that my thoughts of love
Must already meet it’s

Note: I only wrote the second stanza.
           The first one was composed by my              friend.
           As you can see this is a product of a            slack day in the office.
           My English translation’s a little                  rough, so I hope you can bear with              it.


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