Everything and Nothing

C’est La Vie

Is this all there is to it? Going to work and after that home, waiting for weekends and feeling bored on weekdays. Is there nothing to change in this monotonous life I’m living right now? Am I (We?) just going to let our lives pass by before us without doing anything of (real) worth? I know that it is futile for someone like me to want to change something, but what made the others special? Is it skill, knowledge, courage or even luck? I am at loss here. I know the world isn’t and will never be fair but are we going to settle for that. I may be experiencing delusions of grandeur right now thinking that anyone can change the way on how things work. But aren’t we all wanting change? You may be thinking that I am naive for hoping for things like that, but ain’t it kind of saddening to think that we only exist to just strive. Don’t get me wrong I’m not being cynical, it’s just that at times I reassess things that I have done and think that most of it are just wasted time.

The purpose of man is to live not just to exist. I don’t want to be someone who just work to pay bills and stuff. I want to experience things, to know more about people’s culture, to travel. So here I am in front of my computer ranting about things that I don’t have control of. I don’t know what’s worse the reality of it all or the fact that I’m just writing about this doing nothing to make things in my life better.

But such is life a collection of utter disappointments and brief happy moments. Give or take it’s far from the vision of what a perfect life is, but we can’t change the fact that it’s still better than nothing. After all to live is to fight and even though I’ve ranted about a ton of things since time immemorial, I still love the whole world and being part of it.


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