Everything and Nothing

WWE Manila


It was months ago when one of my friends in the office came up to me and told me that WWE is going to have a show here in manila. She was ecstatic about it and asked if I would want to watch it too. Being a wrestling fan and all, I immediately told her that I would love too. Though it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Raw or Smackdown, still it piqued my interest since it’s been in my bucket list to watch Wrestlemania (but I guess this would do since watching Wrestlemania is still an impossibility right now).

It was just last Friday when we went to MOA Arena for the awaited event. We booked gen ad tickets cause the other price brackets were a bit to pricey for us. Most were naysayers telling us that it would be too far and that we wouldn’t see a thing, but didn’t stop us since events like this are hard to come by.


I was really in high spirits when it started. Though most superstars are new to me now since I haven’t been an active member of the WWE Universe, it’s still fun watching them live. The arena was booming with the shouts and cheers of the fans and I can’t imagine any fan who wouldn’t join in on the crowd’s brouhaha. But what really made me stood on my feet was the match I was looking forward most. The bout between the Big Show and the Doctor of Thuganomics, JOHN CENA!!!!


Though there fight was a bit short, still its a win win for me seeing both of them duke it out live. There were more exciting matches like Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns, and of course the main event a triple threat match between Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

I would gladly say that we got our money’s worth that night. It might not be Wrestlemania or the best seats in the house but still it was a night that’s one for the books, due friends and some pro-wrestling.

Photo collage – Karen Kate Suan (thewanderlens)
Other photos – google images (ctto)


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