Mt. Mamara


mamara cover


•Located at Tanay, Rizal
•XXX Meters above sea level
•Minor Climb
•Trail Class X-X
•Difficulty rating of X/9
(Will update for the official info)


This last summer our office admitted one German national for an OJT. Seeing that this guy was cool and all we befriended him, showed him our culture and had some drinking sessions. Upon knowing that we do hiking trips from time to time, he told us that he’s interested and want’s to join us on one. We then decided to plan a climb for them (two friends of his also went to PH for vacation and we took them along too) to experience hiking here.

To maximize our weekend adventure we decided to make it an overnight gig so we have plenty of time to do some other activities after the hike. At first we thought of taking them to a mountain that’s all new to us. But for their safety since they all stand out like a sore thumb we just decided to do it in a place that we’ve already been. There were lots of ideas but we ultimately decided to go to Daraitan since it was one challenging mountain and the side trips are awesome (Tinipak Cave and Tinipak River). And also there’s this one newly opened mountain for hikers near the river called Mt. Mamara, since that we have almost two days there we could go hiking on that mountain too cause according to the guides it just an hour hike to the top. The different thing about this hike was we didn’t really made an itinerary for this. We just verbally planned the things that we would do once we get there.


We’ve had some last minute adjustments and decided to cut our hike short and just climb Mt. Mamara. This decision was made because going up to Daraitan from Tinipak will be a bit harder than the route we used last time. And also we wanted to have more time just swimming and enjoying the majesty of Tinipak River.

The team left manila on a Saturday afternoon going to Shaw. It took an hour or two to get there then after that a van going to Tanay market. To make the long journey going there short we arrived at Tinipak at around 9:30PM and we immediately prepared the tents while our German friends cooked dinner.



After dinner we had some drinks, played some music, chatter a bit and go for some night swimming. The call time on the next day was at 4am since we want to catch the sunset up top. We called lights out at about 2am so we’ve only had a couple of hours to energize. We woke up before the call time and decided to start. The problem was we didn’t have breakfast that time which made me regret it later.

From the camp site it took 30 minutes for us to get to the starting point of Mt. Mamara the guide told us that we could still catch the sunrise if we do double time since our estimation of starting at 4am is a tad late (but also because I along with some are slowpokes haha). The climb was hard for me to the point that my legs want to give up. I don’t know if this is because of lack of sleep or for not eating breakfast but the trail was a steady ascent from the bottom to the top. But seeing our German companions striding along the trail without even having a hard time compared to us who where holding on to dear life really made me feel embarrassed since we where the ones who invited them.



Upon surmounting the grueling task of taking every step getting close to the coveted summit, we already arrived. What’s best about this climb is that our foreign friends brought alcohol and tobaccos for us to enjoy while we bask in the summer sky whilst enjoying the view at the top. From sharing stories and jokes, to singing German songs, to finishing the bottle and smoking the last of those fine cigars. We spent like three hours there doing all those while getting the graces of the sun.


Team Ger-Phil up top
High in the summer sky
Team Pilipinas


Then after all those fun activities it’s time to go down. Next in our stop is the Tinipak cave which I was really looking forward too, since I’m sweating and all and I really enjoyed the time we spent swimming in it last time. Too bad we only spent a short amount of time there since there’s a line of people waiting.

We’ve just spend the rest of the day back at camp just swimming and eating our lunch before returning to the barangay to tidy up and return home. I was really thankful that we did not climb Daraitan that day because it would surely be the end of me. You really can’t underestimate mountains no matter how huge or small it is.



The hike might be a bit short (but completely exhausting) compared to our other climbs, but what it’s lacking is compensated by the bond that were forged that day. Meeting new people, learning about their culture, showing them the “Filipino hospitality” and spending a day of adventure in there short time in here made it on par with any other hike that I/we did.

Photo Credits:
– Yannik Wilkens
– John Robert Galvez
– Lei Malabanan
– Kare Kate Suan  (


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