Mt. Romelo


•Located at Siniloan, Laguna
•290 Meters above sea level
•Minor Climb
•Trail Class 1
•Difficulty rating of 2/9

A week after my Daraitan climb, I was once again facing another hike this time with my SatIn buddies in Mt. Romelo in Laguna. What made me really stoked about this is the fact that this is the first hike of my elementary peers. And also this is my first time organizing a climb and seeing our plans coming to fruition really made me feel proud about my “organizing skills” (hahaha).


The first thing that came to mind whilst planning about this hike was to choose a mountain that’s not so high that it would test the physical and mental capabilities of my friends. The majority of the people in our group are first timers so I don’t want them cursing me for picking a Moutain that would be too hard for us.  I picked Romelo because of its trail class and difficulty rating. A factor that also added was when we found out that there are multiple falls in Romelo that we could swim in.

After all those excited talks and planning we came up with an itinerary. We’ve also talked about some things that they would need for the climb. And also some exercise regiments to prepare their limbs for the coming ordeal.

0500 – ETD Starmall Shaw
0615 – ETA Tanay Market, ride Jeepney to Siniloan
0730 – ETA Siniloa,  Laguna, tricycle to jump-off
0745 – ETA Brgy. Macatad, Registration
0800 – Start Trek
1100 – ETA Summit
1145 – Buruwisan and Lanzones Falls, Lunch, swim and pictures
1500 – Start descent
1700 – Back at Brgy. Macatad, tidy up
1830 – Ride tricycle to Famy
1815 – ETA at Brgy. Hall tidy up
1830 – ETA Famy, Dinner
2030 – ETD Famy, van to Shaw
2300 – ETA Manila


Like every other hike that I’ve done. It was also a Saturday morning when we meet up at Shaw to ride a van going to Tanay market. Everyone was excited for the climb so all of us were on schedule for the trip. I thought we would have a small number in our climb since only a handful were sure when we we’re planning. But to my surprise our group went up to 14 people on the day of the climb.

After arriving at Tanay market we then rented a jeep (which is more convenient that taking a trike) to take us to the jump-off at Siniloan, Laguna.


To my recollection it took us thirty to forty-five minutes to get to the jump-off. After getting down of the jeep a person closed in on us and asked if we’re going to Buruwisan Falls. We told him our plans and he immediately  issued us a guide to take us there.

It’s expected that it will be a chill climb since it’s only 290 masl. But since we are really lucky fellows, it rained the night before our hike so the trail become so muddy. Felt like the level of difficulty climbed up a bit, but it’s also a good thing since it added some spice in our Saturday adventure.

We then followed our guide and proceeded to the town hall to register. And also we rented some walking sticks made of bamboos, which I had reservations of taking at first but was thankful that I did because it really came handy due to the slippery and muddy trail.


The heat is no problem when you’re on trail since it is covered in trees and there are many stops where you can rest and catch your breaths. The only problem was the trail was really slippery because of the mud and it is really tiring walking on soft land. But it also made the climb more challenging and it’s a good experience for my peers.


The funny thing about this climb is when we made our ascent we passed by the peak and our guide didn’t tell us. We just asked since we are already going down and he told us that we would proceed first to the falls and we’d just go to the peak on the way back (for the mandatory selfies and photo ops of course). It’s about forty-five minutes from the peak to get to the falls and that’s were the trail gets really muddy. But there are locals that offer their horses that would take you there and also back to the town hall if you get tired of all the walking (but where’s the adventure in that?).

We took our lunch their and after we went to the falls for a dip in it’s cold waters. Taking a swim was really the best thing to do after a tiring climb it really helped us recover from our fatigue. We spend a lot of time there just swimming and talking to each other. After having enough rest and swimming we proceeded to the next falls.


The hike from Buruwisan to Lanzones took 5-10 mins. It was not as big and as high as Buruwisan but it’s still a sight to behold. After staying there for a couple of minutes taking photos and resting a bit, we decided to head back to go to the summit.



We just stayed a bit there taking photos and talking about how we conquered the mountain. Everyone was in smiles seeing what we’ve accomplished that day. It might not have been the best looking summit that I’ve conquered, but still it’s one of the best because I’m with them.

After our stay at the top we went back directly to the registration point taking short breaks along the way. Upon arriving we tidied up and headed back to Famy to take our dinner.

Post climb photo

All in all the climb was a success. Everyone enjoyed it and were talking about what mountain to climb next. It was really fulfilling for me that they’re now interested for another climb. We all went home that day tired and filled with stories to tell and rekindle. As for me I’m really thankful that I got to share this experience with this weirdos I call friends.


For the photos CTTO




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