English · Poetry


I have always thought that feels were inordinate
For the multitude of things it was for me superficial
Only to be caught by my fears and fallacy
Delving deep into an endeavor which in the past was fantasy
A fool rushing in without thought
Taking actions that have all been for naught
Like a puppet swaying on every pull of the string
Senses getting blinded just to see the joy it bring
Should have had some reservations
To save me from this indulgence
But for the life of me I can’t stop my nonsense
And then one day it hit me the cruel kindness of reality
I’ve finally seen the reason behind all these, clarity!
There are things that are not meant to be
But can you blame me for fighting this thing so called destiny
I’m a one hit wander a lousy dreamer
For I was just watching as you slip away from my fingers
So with poignant eyes I look in to thee
As you walk away in to the horizon called oblivion
Holding on to the memoirs of my recollection
Whilst telling every fabric of my being to let go of my bastion
And swore to not forget the violet sky that imposed the lesson


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