Mt. Daraitan



•Located at Tanay, Rizal
•739 Meters above sea level
•Minor Climb
•Trail Class 1-3
•Difficulty rating of 4/9

Due to my busy schedule playing computer games all the time. It was just now that I found the time to write about our climb in Mt. Daraitan, which is if I might add was the best climb that I have experienced so far.


At first we were once again torned in choosing which mountain to climb between Daraitan and Maculot. But since we already considered Daraitan last time we’ve decided to choose it as our next mountain to conquer.

Plans were made, people we’re asked and researches we’re done. After all those long processes of planning and gathering intel. We finally managed to set a date and made an itinerary for our hike.

0500 – Meet-up Starmall Shaw
0515 – ETD at Starmall Shaw, Jeep to Tanay Market
0645 – ETA Tanay Market, take tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan
0845 – Boat ride then trike to Brgy. Hall
0855 – ETA at Brgy. Daraitan, Registration
0950 – Start Trek
1300 – ETA Summit
1345 – Start descent to Tinipak River
1545 – ETA at Tinipak River
1645 – ETD to Brgy. Daraitan via riverside trail
1815 – ETA at Brgy. Hall tidy up
1900 – Head back to Tanay via trike
2000 – ETD to Shaw via jeep

This was our itinerary the only difference was we rented a jeep owned by our office mate. That made the trip going there easier since we won’t have to transfer vehicles. And also we can leave some of our things to lessen our load.

For must haves its still the same as last time but headlamps were added since we assumed that we might catch nightfall during this hike (which is right on point).


It was once again an early Saturday morning and I was expecting that it would be a long day (always thinking that way every climb). We met up at some convenience store in Shaw and waited for our rented jeep. Our group was consisted of 20 (excursion? haha) nobody was late that day so we went by our schedule. The trip was convenient since we have our own mode of transpo and we arrived a little bit ahead of schedule.

We then registered at the Brgy. Hall and proceeded to our orientation regarding the challenges we’re going to experience whilst climbing. Almost pissed my pants when they told us that the climb would be a 90% steady ascent leaving only 10% of steady walks.

pre-climb photo

We started our climb at about 9am in the morning. We were given three guides since we have a very large group. It is assumed that it would take four hours for us to reach the summit (lie.. ahaha).





We took a lot breaks since the climb was really a steady ascent. The only time I think where we walked on a steady plane was in the second picture (if my memory serves me right). The heat was not much of a problem this time since the mountain is mostly covered in trees.

I don’t remember how long it took us to reach the summit since our group is really big. But to my recollection it seems that we’ve reached it a lot faster than what the guide’s were expecting. Since they keep on telling us that it takes four hours to reach the top.

This is the only mountain that I climbed that surprised me that we’ve already reached the summit. Which is a good thing since we still have more plans that day after the climb (caving and swimming in Tinipak river).


view from the top


Upon reaching the summit we then took our lunch and rest for a while after the tiring climb. The heat was not a problem when you’re up top since Daraitan’s summit was partly shaded with trees, so you can find a sweet spot to just sit and look in awe at the view the mountain has to offer.



From taking lunch and doing some mandatory photo ops and selfies. We then proceeded to go down the mountain (traverse).


The way down to Tinipak river was also a bit tiring since it took like two and half hours for us to get there. The trail is steeper compared to the one we used to climb up, so imagine how thankful I am that we went to the peak first before going to Tinipak because I dont think my knees could handle the climb from there (haha).

We took some rest after we reached the feet of the mountain to catch our breaths. After some ample amount of time to recover our aching feet from all the walking, we then proceeded to the last agenda in our Saturday adventure. To go swimming in Tinipak river and caving.




I can say that of all the rivers that I have seen Tinipak is the best (as of now). It’s like a piece of heaven here on earth. It was the first time that I looked at a river and just sat and awe at the wonder of this God given body of water. The limestone formations also added some effect that made it look surreal.





The good thing about Tinipak cave is there is this pool of water inside where you can swim and its really cold which really helped in rejuvenating our aching limbs. The bad thing is you can only stay for a limited amount of time because there is a waiting line of people wanting to enter. And it can only accommodate a limited number since the cave is small.

After all those activities we went back to Brgy. Daraitan to tidy up and have some dinner. With new stories to tell and adventures to rekindle we ride once again to our jeepney to set us home and end this one long tiring day of fun.

So it was another fun filled Saturday of adventure though tiring and painful at times it still wont be enough to have my fill of wander. And just my two cents it’s not the hike or the destination that make trips like this worthwhile. It’s the people you share the view and the adventure with. Everything aside from that is just bonus.

Credits (Photos):
•Hacinth Rivera
•Kate Suan

•Jordan Dinglasan
•Lei Malabanan
•Kerr Daganzo


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