Mt. Batulao



•Located at Nasugbu, Batangas
•811 Meters above sea level
•Minor Climb
•Difficulty rating of 4/9



It has been a month or two after our climb in Pico de Loro in Cavite, when one of my office mates decided to go for another climb this year. Some suggested for us to climb Mt. Daraitan and others Mt. Batulao, we decided to have a vote to decide which mountain to climb. Mt. Daraitan won the vote, but for reasons unknown to me the gang decided to climb, Mt. Batulao instead. I had my reservations at first since our last climb was so grueling and I really lack the amount of exercise and preparation to go on this trip (my daily “exercise”: going down the stairs and sitting in front of the computer everyday), but I ultimately decided to come thinking that this would be a fun and exciting gig (‘was not disappointed). One of my workmates who’s already climbed the said mountain made an itinerary and listed some ‘must haves’ for the climb. After some days of planning we waited for the awaited day of our climb.

0500 – Meet-up and breakfast at Mcdonald’s near LRT Buendia
0545 – Assembly at DLTB Bus Terminal
0600 – ETD from Buendia
0800 – ETA at Evercrest
0815 – Start trek (Old Trail)
1100 – Lunch
1200 – Summit, picture taking
1400 – Start descent (New Trail)
1700 – ETA Evercrest, dinner and shower
1800 – ETD from Evercrest
2000 – ETA at Buendia

• Water (1.5 to 2L)
• Food (packed lunch and trail food)
• Energy drinks (optional)
• Sun protection (sun block, hats, sunglasses)
• Change of clothes


It was an early Saturday morning when we rode a bus in DLTB terminal in Buendia bound to Nasugbu, Batangas . We met up in some fast food resto beside the terminal (6am was the call time). To my surprise everyone arrived on time so our bus trip was not delayed. The bus ride took 2 to 2½ hours, we arrived at evercrest at about 9:30am. You can start the hike from there or you can ride a trike to get you to the registration post. Since we were kind of behind our schedule and also since we’re weak (well most of us, including me) we’ve decided to ride a trike.

The Team
at registration point

Upon registering a guide was designated to our group, in which we have qualms on taking at first since there are people in our group who have already climbed the mountain. But since it is required or not (I have seen someone who doesn’t have a guide) we decided to go along with it.

There are two routes which you can take to reach the summit the old and new trail. The new trail was relatively easier compared to the old trail. Looking into our itinerary you can see that we traversed the mountain using both trails since its best to experience both tracks since most of us are first timers.



The climb was no easy task due to the scorching heat that we experienced whilst hiking. We took a lot of breaks to catch our breaths and to buy some refreshments (FYI: there are numerous stores located in the mountain to buy soft drinks and juices). But the part that really tested me were the last meters of the climb before the summit. The trail was very steep, it almost drained the vitality off of my limbs. It was really mind over matter when it comes to climbing mountains for me.

After passing that ordeal we finally reached the summit. Atop its peak you can experience a panoramic view of Batangas. The satisfaction of reaching the summit made me forget about the fatigue that I felt during the climb.



the girl who chose to spend her birthday climbing a mountain, Marisol


just me being awesome hahaha

After taking pictures and resting we decided to climb down. Since it’s already past noon and we haven’t had our lunch yet. This time we went down using the new trail. Compared to the old trail, the new one is easier. It took less effort and energy since the trail is not as steep as the old one.


the way down



It took us 2 hours if I remember correctly to finish our descent. It didn’t exhaust me like our journey to the top but still it is a long walk. The funny thing is our guide (who helped some of us in carrying their luggage) was just chilling the whole way compared to me whose been catching his breath from start to finish. He also went back and forth to assist and guide us. Everyone was tired (not as tired as our Pico De Loro climb though) upon reaching the guide post. After some rest and taking some ‘post climb’ photos we decided to return to Evercrest to take a shower, have dinner and finally go home after a long and tiring day.

post climb photo

I thought I was going to rue the day that I came to this trip but I was wrong despite the hardship and exhaustion all of that is worth it. That Saturday was a really long day filled with fun and adventure, it might be a tiring one but a day worth spending. One that is really for the books.


Credits to (photos):
•Hacinth Rivera
•Kate Suan
•Jordan Dinglasan






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