Everything and Nothing

The Inevitable Trap


Remember when we were still kids and we have always wished to grow up fast. I think every kid want that because for a child being an adult is THE dream. There are a lot of perks in being a grown up that a kid would want like staying up late, no need to go to school (well that is if you already finished your schooling), buy things you want for yourself (If you have a job, a good paying job or if you’re from a well-off family I guess), join in adult conversations, there are lots more but the thing that children don’t know about being an adult are the responsibilities that accompany adulthood. What kids need to understand is they are the ones who are living the dream. As kids we’ve always took time for granted, we want its hands to turn faster to let us grow fast for us to join in the “world” where the adults live in.

As kids we were naive, we took many things for granted like the stuff that our parents give, the education they provide, and the lessons they taught. And now that we’re adults and see their energy ebb from their aging bodies we come to realize the things we took for granted back then. This one part here is one of the things that make growing up suck, to see our parents grow old (real old) and the thought of losing them makes it even harder.

When we were young we have always thought that the adults are living in a utopia where they can do everything and anything, that’s where we’re wrong and now we know why. Back then we used to think that there are shackles that bind us from doing the things that we want, what we do not know was it was the thing that protects us from what we’re about to experience when we grow up. We used to have bigger hearts when we were kids we were honest, compassionate and naive but after removing those so-called “shackles” that bind us from our youth and naivety we were blindly taken by the little knowledge that we acquired and think arrogantly that we know everything. Only to realize in the end that it didn’t prepare us for the things that have and will come our way.


Being an adult sure suck at times, unlike being a child where almost everyone pamper you and tend to your needs, being an adult really changes your perspective on how you view everything around you. Not everyone would be as considerate and accommodating. You’d experience a lot of failures and setbacks. But things like that are inevitable, those things really aren’t purely negative. By experiencing those things we learn a lot and things like that made us stronger. It taught us humility for us to realize that living is not as easy as we think.

Not everything about growing up is negative. I think that all the bad things that we experience is just the price of all the good things in being a grown up. And by good things I mean the freedom to make your own decisions and to be your own man not just someone’s daughter or son. Because I think most of us, if not all of us want something to prove to ourselves and we only get to prove those things is when we are already adults.

Remember that moment when you did something so great that you feel so proud of yourself. That blissful moment when you did something that would make you gleam with pride. Moments where we learn something new that adds up to our wisdom. Life experiences where we learn something valuable that we’ll never forget. All of those accumulated experiences and wisdom that we earn as we grow up makes all those hardships and sacrifices worth enduring.


So for the young ones who can’t wait to grow up keep calm, enjoy the ride and be careful of what you’re wishing for because you might you will get it. Instead of asking for the rain to come your way faster prepare on how to deal with the mud, a lot of mud. Treasure the memories and adventures, you may remember them but you can never go back, and if by some impossibility you can recreate those moments it wouldn’t be as good as the first time.

And for the adults like me it sure suck (at times) I know, but suck it up we have wanted this at one point so we have to deal with it. Ain’t it worth it? For me it is, whenever I look back it saddens me upon realizing that time went really fast, but it also makes me feel thankful and blessed that I’ve gone through all those things (good and bad) because it helped and taught me things that I’ve seen in a different light when I was still a kid.

Now that I’ve given it thought I guess nobody really wanted to grow up, as children we have only wanted to experience our youth with freedom. And maybe we were just envious of the adults around us who seem to have that freedom that we’ve always wanted. But that’s just me I’m not really sure.

An inevitable trap that’s how I’d describe growing up, a trap that has been sprung the moment we we’re born, we’re inside of it from that moment until the moment we hit the bucket.


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