Gyrus 101

I don’t really know what to tell if it’s about myself. Because it can only go two ways, I can either sound cocky or humble. And I’m not really sure about a lot of things regarding me and I cannot state that as facts. But there are things that I can share to you for you to understand a bit of something about me.

At first I thought I was different from the others. I thought I was the kind of person who’d go against the current. But guess what it was a fallacy. I’m just like any other average guy you meet out there. Someone who thinks he’s different, someone who wants to change something and leave his mark. Aren’t we all that way?

I have always believed that I’m stoic. I think I could handle things going my way. That I could endure everything without relying on others. Doing things without complaining about the aftermath if it didn’t go my way.

I’m superficial at times but I guess that just shows naivety that’s still left from my youth. I’m not sure maybe I really am shallow

There are times that I see the world in a cynical way, I think that’s just the result of me being disappointed with humanity at times.

And lastly I’m the kind of person who doesn’t plan about the long-term, I just live day by day. It may sound irresponsible, but lets face it the future is not written on stone, everything’s subjective. Let’s just say that I always take leaps of faith.

Why make a blog?

I just woke up one day and realized that I should write about the things that go through this head of mine. And lastly I didn’t do this to impress and/or please anyone, yes certainly not even you.


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